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Postpartum Tea | Nursing Support K-cup™ |

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Postpartum Tea

Nursing Support K-cup™ Postpartum Tea Blend

Postpartum Tea Blend: K-cup™ Compatible Nursing Mama Tea K-cup™

Compatible: Works with all Keurig™ and K-cup compatible brewers.

Contains 12 cups.

Finally! Enjoy the benefits of our great tasting, organic fenugreek Nursing Mama tea with the convenience and speed of your favorite instant brewer.

Our 100% caffeine free Nursing Mama pods are made with the same great blend as our regular tea bags, with the added benefit of being used in any K-cup compatible brewer. Add four boxes to your cart and one of the four will automatically be free!

Categories: Herbal Teas, Pregnancy & Nursing Product Description Product Description For centuries now, mamas who are breastfeeding have looked toward fenugreek, a strong galactagogue, to help boost their diminishing supplies. Most lactation teas have been known to have a taste many women don’t like, but not Nursing Mama tea! Our unique blend of organic rooibos, organic hibiscus and organic fruit extracts provide a pleasant taste along with the benefit of organic fenugreek seed.

Now available in quick, easy, and convenient K-cup compatible pods. Now you can enjoy your Nursing Mama tea in just seconds using your favorite brewer.

TO USE: For best results, drink 1-3 cups per day.

***Consult your doctor or midwife prior to using any herbs while breastfeeding. ***



What I’m Made Of Organic whole fenugreek seed*, organic rooibos*, organic hibiscus*, organic cherry extract*, organic strawberry extract*, organic orange extract* *Certified Organic ingredients.

Why I’m Great For some mothers, breastfeeding comes naturally. There is no struggle, no low supply, no challenges. For many, though, it’s just not that easy. Whether due to stress, going back to work, medical conditions or other factors sometimes it your supply is just not where your little one needs it to be. Nursing Mama herbal tea is a great way to boost your milk supply, without having to turn to medications or other remedies. Long known for it’s effectiveness, but not its taste, fenugreek can be a powerful herb to help with supply issues - and luckily for you, the Nursing Mama blend is not only effective but also tastes great too PLUS you don’t have to wait for the tea to steep - simply pop a pod into your favorite instant brewer and in seconds you have a perfect cup of lactation tea! It doesn’t get any easier than that!